Korea General Tour Information

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1. Necessary Document / 所需的文件
Passport must be at least 6 months validity, for Malaysian Citizens can stay 3 months visa-free

2. Luggage / 行李 (Air Asia Flight)
Please lock your check-in luggage and should not exits 15kg (min). Hand carry luggage should not exist 7kg. Scissors, knife, shaver, Hair spray, Nail clipper, umbrella, lip gloss, hand and body lotion are not allow to bring along with hand carry luggage. If you wish to bring, please place it in check in luggage.

Season Weather / 季节气温

Month / 月份 Mar - May / 3 – 5月 Jun - Aug / 6 – 8月 Sep-Nov / 9 – 11月 Dec-Feb / 12 – 2月

Season / 季节

Temperature / 温度

Spring / 春天

09 – 23°C

Summer / 夏天

23 – 36°C

Autumn / 秋天

10 – 25°C

Winter / 冬天

-7 - 15°C

#The above season weather is for the reference and is subject to change. / 上述季节气温只供参考和有待更改。

4. Currency / 货币
South Korean Won (KWR)
Estimated Exchange rate - RM1 > 348 Won , 1,000 won > RM2.87 / USD$1 > 3,000 won*
*The above currency is for reference and is subject to change. / 上述货币只供参考和有待更改。

5. Languages / 语言
Korean and Turkish, Mongolian, Hungarian, belong to the altai language family. South Korea words (Han-geul; created in 1443) is the table sound writing characteristic, a total of 10 vowels, 14 consonants. Combination of scientific structure, and easy to learn, is conducive to the development of printing and publishing industry one of the most scientific writing.

6. Electrical Power / 电力
Electric Power is C 220 V, 60 Hz (bathrooms of many luxury and medium-grade hotels may have 110-vol sockets). Suggested to bring one multiple plug if you wish to charge battery for hand phone, video camera & etc. 
电力是C 220伏, 60赫兹(浴室的许多奢侈品和中高档酒店可能有110伏的插座) 。如果你想为手提电话、摄像机等的电池充电建议你携带个万能插頭, 因為各國使用的電插頭可能不大相同。

7. Telephone Area Code / 地区号码
Korea - 82 (Special Telephone numbers: Police 112, Fire 119, Emergency 119)
内地 – 82 (特别电话号码:公安112 ,消防119 ,急救119)

8. Necessary / 必需品 
Suggested to bring along in hand carry luggage: i.e. Scarf , Mitten Jacket, Camera, Film, Medicine, Vitamin.
Others item, suggested to put it into check-in luggage: i.e. Spring/Autumn Season : Sweater, long sleeve shirts; Summer Season : Jackets, short sleeve shirts, Winter Season : Long John & also sport coats, woolen jackets, travel shoes, umbrella, first'aid kit & etc
建议随身携带物品如:外套,手套,围巾, 相机,药物,维他命等等存放于手挽行李。另外建议必需品:春/秋天 - 大毛衣、长袖衬衫;夏天 - 外套、短袖衬衫;冬天 - 大衣、卫生衣;及其他如:皮鞋、小雨伞、小型急救药包等等建议存放于行李登机。

9. Others / 其他
Tap water is safe to consume. Suggested to buy mineral water through shops or mini-market自来水未经煮沸适宜食用, 但建议食用矿泉水。矿泉水可于餐馆、便利店或商店购得,相当方便。

10. Time Zone / 时区
GMT +9 _ faster than Malaysia for 1 hour / 快马来西亚1个小时
e.g.) South Korea time: 8am / Malaysia time : 7am

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